PHP Web Development – The Best Web Development Platform

PHP web development can be the excellent option for creating feature-rich and SEO friendly websites. There are many benefits of using PHP. You should look for the best service providers who deliver outstanding results as per your requirements and business goals.

Do you want to develop an Ecommerce website to sell your products or services? Are you running a business and need an online presence? PHP web development can be the right option for you. PHP web development services can be used for developing effective and user friendly websites in a unique style. There are many benefits of using PHP. Some of them are as follows:

Cost free : Being a free software, PHP is a preferred choice of many developers and customers across the globe. It is easily available in the market. One can develop the web pages in an efficient way by using this scripting language.

Insurance Agency Email Marketing And Multivariate Testing

Insurance agency email marketing can and should be one of the most powerful lead generation tools in an agency marketer’s tool box. And when it comes to insurance agency email marketing, multivariate testing offers a highly advantageous methodology to improve results, providing greater insights into email campaign optimization and conversion efficiency. A/B split testing offers a simplistic way understand multivariate testing. Split testing is an empirical approach used to determine optimum conversion rates (click-through rates for example) for an insurance website, landing page, banner ad or email campaign. This article will focus on multivariate testing for email marketing campaigns.

Let’s say that an insurance marketer creates two versions of an email campaign (we’ll call them email version A and B). The agency marketer wants to determine which of these versions has the more effective subject line. The split test works best if the emails are identical except for one modification, which in this case is the subject line. Agency and broker email marketing campaign variations can be can be dramatic or subtle. Each subject line can be completely different, or a one word change can be measured. Agencies can then measure the campaign fundamentals, differentiating including open rate and click-through rate to determine which insurance agency email marketing campaign was more effective.

For example, if campaign A yielded an open rate of 20% with 10 clicks, and campaign B yielded an open rate of 25% with 14 clicks, then the balance of the emails should use campaign B. What balance you may ask? Multivariate testing can use a small portion of your email marketing contact list. If the agency marketer used 10% for the A/B test mentioned above, the balance, or in this case the remaining 90%, can then be used to send the superior email, email version B. Superior is often determined by click through rate, but can also include criteria such as webinar registrations, newsletter signups, website traffic generation, etc.

Advantages of Unlimited Conference Calls & WebEx Streaming Video

Communication is the basic mode of life today. Without the help of strings or wireless methodologies, our relationships, our businesses, and career will soon end. Today, we have telephones, mobile phones, web chats and web calling solutions which help staying in touch at professional and personal front easily. The solutions are delivered through various service providers at affordable packages. However, the most sought after service availed are unlimited conference calls over the internet by the consumers. The web enabled methodologies help users find the calls cheapest and the procedures convenient to use.

Let us focus on the advantages availed by using unlimited conference calls. Here are advantages mentioned below:

WebEx streaming video

Insurance Agency Marketing – Continual Refinements and Pizza

After a long day at Universal Studios, we entered the security gate of our Marriott hotel. The gate required that we insert a key for entry. Below the key slot, was a simple reminder. Pizza Hut room delivery, dial extension 4141. What a ridiculous idea! Why would Marriott go to the trouble of placing a small 3″ by 5″ sign below the key insert on a security gate? After all, they are a major corporation and are more likely concerned with branding, occupancy rates, vacation club sales, airline promotions and other major marketing initiatives.

That night, we ordered two pizzas, 20 chicken wings, a large salad and a bottle of diet Pepsi from – Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut delivered promptly, within 20 minutes they were at our door. It was about $60, fast and convenient, and we thought the food was good.

When you think about this experience, it demonstrates how and why minor marketing refinements can have a big impact on any business. Here we see a giant corporation taking the time to add a tiny sign to a security gate, resulting in a new order. Insurance agency marketers should approach their efforts in a similar manner. Beyond the major initiatives, such as insurance agency websites, eMarketing, blogging, appointment setting, insurance search engine optimization and social media marketing, agencies should also consider:

Pros and Cons of In-Stream Video Advertising Solutions

Many people mistakenly think that in-stream advertising solutions solely consist of rolling ads that appear before a video starts or briefly interrupt a video mid-stream. Actually, all animated and interactive ads that play for 15 to 30 seconds inside the media player where the video also appears are considered in-stream ad types. The ads either appear in a linear or a non-linear direction within the player. Linear ads are inserted into the streaming video while non-linear ads are placed over or under the content.

Three Linear Ads in Video Content

Aside from image or text displays that suddenly appear and disappear while watching videos online, you may have also encountered a television commercial playing before a video starts rolling. Sometimes, this pre-roll ad shows a movie trailer or a public service announcement. Meanwhile, the mid-roll ad holds the show on pause while it plays and resumes streaming after it ends. Many videos display an ad or a menu with clickable options at the end to direct viewers to other video content or to the company’s website.